Let the sunshine in!

Oh yes, the spring is in full blossom and our mediterrian is splashed with sun. We made such a gentle, femminem and seductive campaign for you by celebrating beauty of Mediterranean women and our beutifull little village Podgora. Every single of these necklace are unique, and made in only one piece. It takes 7 days for one necklace to be made because every single detail on it is hand molted, formed and painted. It's made out of high quality gypsum , acrylic colours and eco leather. The golden gross grain ribbon is hand painted and resistant on the heat, water. Maybe when you look at it, necklace look big or heavy, but you would be surprised how light it is. You won't even feel it around you neck. The length of the necklace is adjustable, so you can make it to be really close to your neck or to be lower on your chest. You can wear it on casual urban combination or on a really nice dress when you want to be all dressed up and elegant.

You can see the photos in our lookbook or by visiting KRINKIT SS2013 facebook album.