MAKARSKA KRONIKA is writing about new “FOR HIM” collection

Collection "FOR HIM" is made because I had so many question from male side: when will you make something for us?

It took me some time until I was ready to make this collection that will be wearable on everyday bases,which will be different, unique, manly and chic.

I was always amazed with Māori tatoos ,the way they color their faces and dance their amazing haka dance .

New zelean ragbi players All blacks dance haka before every game.

Haka dance is danced before war but also out of fun, to wellcome guests or to celebrate some great results or accomplishment.

In that name I have decided to make male Krinkit that will look like Maori "wariors".

Every Krinkit pendant has it's rope necklace that is adjustable in size, so no man will not have a problem with sizing.

Every Krinkit is unique.